Central Library to go?

3 Feb

Conservative North Somerset Councillors look set to press ahead with their plan to close and sell-off the central library in Boulevard.

Their plan is to provide a new library space as part of a planned £10 million refurbishment of the Town Hall. Our worry is that once the Central Library, a key part of the fabric of the town centre, is lost, library services and other cultural facilities will face the squeeze.

It’s just wrong to put the library into the Town Hall, competing for space with bureaucrats and councillors. Not so long ago Conservative councillors wanted to close the museum (forced to think again only by a strong local campaign). Now its the library. It makes you wonder what will be next.

You cannot help but form the conclusion that the current regime is simple anti-Weston.


Tropicana plans on display

24 Jan

The on-off Tropicana plans public exhibition is on again – on Friday 28th January at the Sovereign Shopping Centre from 9am-5.30pm with only Richard Nightingale’s plans on display.

Residents unable to make the event can comment online at http://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/tropicana from tomorrow (Tuesday) until midnight on Sunday 30th January.

Tropicana bidder drops out

20 Jan

One of the two bidders for the Tropicana site – Harvard Tisdale – has dropped out, leaving only Richard Nightingale with a plan for the site.

Read more here: http://bit.ly/ezQrKs

Tropicana – have your say

17 Jan

This week you can have your say on the TROPICANA plans at a public exhibition organised by the council.

On Friday Jan 21 and Saturday Jan 22 the designs and proposals put forward by both potential developers will be at the Winter Gardens, Weston, 9.30am-1pm.

Residents will also be able to comment online at www.n-somerse…t.gov.uk/tropicana until Friday January 28. Make sure you have your say!

Going to potholes?

14 Jan

Have you seen the state of the road in Alfred Street? Shocking. The surface is so bad that chippings are being thrown onto the pavements.

Some of the potholes are really deep, especially where ‘repairs’ were done last year.

I’ve reported this to the council and asked them to make urgent repairs. Do you know of any other problem areas? Let me know mike@mikebell.org

Tory council plans £9.7million Town Hall refurb!

16 Dec

The extraordinary plan from North Somerset Council’s ruling Conservatives to spend almost £10 million doing up the Town Hall – and close our much used town centre library in the process – is utterly mind boggling.

Not content with wasting a whopping £17.7 million buying the Castlewood office building in Clevedon and moving hundreds of jobs from Weston out of town, they now want to gold plate the Town Hall too.

To do this at a time when the nation was awash with money would have been disgraceful profligacy. To do it at a time when people are losing their jobs, when cuts need to be made to essential services and when charges for virtually every council facility will rocket borders on the criminal.

Let us not forget that these are the same councillors who took office just three years ago and awarded themselves pay rises of up to 50% and pension pots worth thousands – all at our expense.

These are the same councillors who say there is no money to get the Tropicana open, no money to fill our potholes and no money to clean up our streets. They said there was no money to keep vulnerable people in Poppyfields or to help create jobs in our town. No money to fix junction 21 and no money to keep council tax down.

With this decision Conservative councillors have shown that all they are fit for is to be shown the door out of their £30 million offices.

No consultation on Tropicana bids

15 Dec

SO NORTH Somerset Council is not going to consult residents about which bidder they pick to redevelop the Tropicana. I am tempted to say “good”.

Every time residents have been consulted on the Tropicana so far, the council has done the opposite of what we have said we wanted. So perhaps by ignoring us from the start we may actually get what we want?

Personally, I am not sure I want to be consulted anyway. Just give Richard Nightingale the green light and let’s get on with it!

On a more serious note, is there not an obvious way around this? Why not ask both developers to come forward with detailed plans and obtain planning permission before the council picks its preferred developer?

That way, residents would get a say through the planning process, we would all get to see the details of what is being proposed before the deal is signed – and anyone who is not really serious would not go through the time and expense anyway.