Call to scrap “shameful” councillor pension scheme

19 May

NEW Lib Dems on North Somerset Council have slammed the councillor pension scheme as shameful and called for it to be scrapped.

The pension scheme, which was introduced by the Tories after the last election, has cost the council a massive £33,000 a year – money that goes straight into the pension pots of the 15 councillors who have signed up and is paid for by council taxpayers.

Group leader Cllr Mike Bell said: “While the rest of North Somerset is having to face cuts on a daily basis, I don’t know how any councillor can sleep at night while they’re claiming even more money through a shameful pension scheme.

“We haven’t forgotten how Tory councillors put their own pay up massively and launched a pension scheme for councillors – it was greedy at a time when the rest of the country was struggling and the struggle is only getting worse.

“Now we’re facing massive cuts across all departments, yet they’re still pocketing the extra money.

“Those that signed up to the scheme should do the honourable thing and back out.”

The call for councillor pensions to go comes as councillors look at ways to reduce the amount they cost the council, such as reducing the number of executive members, cutting travel allowance, having fewer area committees and taking £5,000 out of the chairman’s budget.


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