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Tropicana – don’t blow Richard Nightingale’s chances!

28 Oct

RICHARD Nightingale has rightly questioned North Somerset Council’s logic in supporting redevelopment proposals for Dolphin Square at the same time as seeking to find a sustainable future for the Tropicana site.

We are told that the economy continues to struggle and that public finances are tight. So how can it make sense to try to deliver not one, but two major multi-million developments within a few hundred yards of each other, pitching at similar leisure and retail uses, all at the same time?

North Somerset Council says it is serious about sorting out the Tropicana – if it means 
it, why is it seeking to erect barriers to 
potential development by backing two horses at once?

The council has not exactly got an unblemished record of success when it comes to making things happen. Surely now is the time for everyone to rally round and get behind Richard Nightingale or another developer and finally get the Tropicana open again.